Calculation of efficiency indicators of transportation processes in industrial transport systems

is a device used for lifting containers and unitized cargo stabled on the gantry crane. The spreader used for containers has a locking mechanism at each corner that attaches the four corners of the container.

  1. Reach stackers can also be used for the loading/unloading purposes.  It is more convenient, faster and less expensive to use them, as capable of providing access directly to the two railroad tracks on one side.
  2. The containers are loaded on the flatcars and the process of transportation continued.



Pic. 2.4 Reach stackers and gantry crane

2.3. Basics of container transportation

Today in the sphere of logistics container transportation is the most popular type of transportation. Containers are standard tanks for net cargo transportation by any type of transport according to customer’s choice. Container transportation is widely spread not only in foreign but also in domestic trade and became an independent type of transportation.

Container shipping has the following advantages:

1)    delivery of various types of cargo in one container;

2)    choosing container of required capacity;

3)    easy loading and unloading operations;

4)    reliable protection of cargo from damage due to impermeability and strength of container;

5)    multiple options in choosing transportation type;

6)    acceptable freight rates ;

7)    cargo safety control with sealing of container.