Calculation of efficiency indicators of transportation processes in industrial transport systems


In this work basic transportation process related to transportation of cargo by two transport modes (road and air transport) with warehousing of the specified cargo type was researched. Different ways of cargo transshipment and handling were considered in the research. All calculations are completed. The related schemes are presented according to the calculations.

Also the pattern of cargo flow was observed. The elements of the system were briefly characterized. The following objectives were completed:

  1.              Studied the practical solutions of the given problem, deficiencies of previous solutions, reasons of failures, etc.
  2.              Gave grounds for development of system measures to solve the identified problem.
  3.               Researched and considered the general matter of investigation (e.g. concepts, notions, processes; the further study of the identified problems; designation of a range of characteristics, etc.).
  4.               Conducted experimental test of the suggested system against the optimum criteria, i.e. achieve maximum possible results during solution of the problem.
  5.               Developed a variety of methodological recommendations and suggestion for practical implementation of the investigation results.

Fundamentally, supply chain depends on three main components that are warehousing, packaging and transport. In logistics and operation management warehousing and transportation is the main contributor in a successful supply chain in the world. In fact, the essentiality of warehousing comes when it is strategically placed that is pertinent to the cargo transport systems. This does not only ease the transportation but also reduces the cost incurred by the organization.